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I took so much time thinking about that x )

Hey there! 

Thanks for taking the time for reading this part of my blog. Actually no body ever reads it, it’s just you! Welcome! I’am not really defined on the things I want to post but…. all I know is that Lettering is one of my favorite things to do, and I really like writing on tips and stuff to do. I am not good at making first impressions so I ‘am sorry if you think I am weird ( maybe a little) x )

My last post was all about the right way to clear skin, and it actually was all the basic stuff that people already knows. But! my next post will so so GOOD X )

Here’s a spoiler… Hair. 

By the way,  I am Ali, nice to meet you ; )

See you on my next post.

Love ya ( even though I just met you ). < 3