The right way to have Clear Skin.

I ‘ ve been looking so much for remedies and stuff to finally have clear skin.  So, I got these 3 Tips that will totally help you to have the Flawless Clear Skin. At the end I have an easy Face and Body scrub! Check that Out!

REMEMBER! Pimples are totally normal, You are not Ugly if you have black dots or pimples or oily skin or dry skin, you ‘re perfect the way you’re. < 3

Okay, I am going to stop. Now, let’s start with this.



Use a Daily Cleanser.

Using a daily cleanser can make a huge difference on your face. It takes out dirty stuff and dead skin from your face.

It’s simple, be careful! If you have sensitive skin I recommend you to look for those that says sensitive skin, or for delicate skin, or gentle. Then, you know you can use them.


Once a week Mask:

Using a Face mask once a week can totally help you and deep clean your skin. You can also  DIY one, I have lots of recipes on my Pinterest Site, GO! check it out.

Some Face mask makes your skin GLOW! and fills your pores with rich stuff. I recommend you using Coconut Oil too, It’s Great for Dry skin and to make your skin Glow like crazy(Not because the Oil, it actually helps oily skin cause oil attracts to oil).



Daily Moisturize! Its good to take care of your face protecting it from the sun, so if you dont have time right now to go to Walmart and buy one X ) then make your own.

Take coconut oil and gently rub it all over through your face. Take a cloth and add warm water to it put in on your face for 15-30 seconds. Then pat dry it or let it air dry.


NOW! I have the best of the best Face and Body Scrub to make your skin glow and go way Healthy.

  • 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Vanilla( for scent, you know!)
  • 2 tablespoon coffee
  • 2 tablespoon Brown Sugar


It’s like cooking, add the dry ingedients first and then the watery ones x ).

mix them all up and rub it all over your face and body while you shower, you can take it all off right away or you can wait like 30 seconds.

With the coconut Oil your skin will moisturize and go Crazy Soft.

Coffee is great! it exfoliates and does almost the same as sugar, they also smell good.

Vanilla? Oh! you know some Spice in there.


BYE< 3



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